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Evaluation and Recommendations for Contact Wearers

Regular eye exams are not only important for your sight but for your overall health as well. Eye conditions such as glaucoma and macular degeneration rarely show any symptoms until they are in the late stages of disease. Systemic conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure can also appear in the eye before being diagnosed by your family physician. We recommend that adults come in for a comprehensive eye evaluation every 12 months.

Pediatric_ExamsPediatric Exams

Pediatric Eye and Vision Examinations

It is recommended that children see an eye doctor for comprehensive eye examination at age 1, age 3, before starting school, and each year thereafter. Vision problems such as amblyopia (one eye is weaker than the other) or refractive errors (needing glasses) can be detected early. If amblyopia is diagnosed early enough it can be reversed, giving your child the best vision possible as they progress through school.

Contact_Lens_ExamContact Lens Exams

Evaluation and Recommendations for Contact Wearers

Contact lenses are among the safest forms of vision correction when patients follow the proper care and wearing instructions provided by their eye doctor. However, when patients do not use lenses as directed, the consequences may be dangerous. In fact, contact lens wearers could be damaging their eyes by not using proper hygiene in caring for their lenses.  Getting started right with your contact lenses involves going to a doctor who provides full-service care.

Arvada Vision and Eye Clinic - Full Optical Service

Full Optical Services

Designed to provide the best in eyewear and repair

We use the Visioffice fitting system in our eyewear center to customize the fitting of glasses. The Visioffice is the first and only universal digital measuring system that allows us to obtain every possible parameter needed for today’s individualized lenses. It measures the real 3D position of the Eye Rotation Center for each eye—allowing us to fit customized, HD lenses.

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Dr. Stephen P. Bashford, OD

Dr. Stephen P. Bashford, OD

Dr. Bashford is an Arvada native, and graduate of Arvada West High School


Dr. Kelly Browder Brown, OD

Dr. Brown earned her Bachelor’s of Science from Colorado State University


Dr. John C Cross, OD

Dr. Cross has been in practice with us for over 20 years.


Dr. Glen A. Gunderson, OD

Dr. Gunderson has practiced at the Arvada Vision & Eye Clinic for over 30 years

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Primary Eyecare is our passion.  We want you to love your vision and perform at your best.

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